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Lawn Strip

Lawn Renovation Services

Does your lawn not look how you imagined? Softwind Landscaping can bring your idea's to life.

Premium Topsoil | Lawn Grading & Leveling

Premium topsoil is the key to growing & and maintaining a healthy & lucious lawn. Topsoil with added compost which is triple screen allows for the proper nutrients & soft topsoil to allow for the growth of seed/hydroseed or sod. Softwind has made its name with topsoil. Whether you have an uneven lawn or want to start fresh, Softwind can get it done.

We bring the grade away from the foundation of your home to eliminate flooding. We also grade the entire property for proper runoff and leveling.


We use premium topsoil and finish off with a starter fertilizer and overseeding to ensure your lawn comes in efficiently and effectively.

Softwind Landscaping & Masonry Removal & Level Grading for Huge Backyard in Islip NY
Lawn Grading
Softwind Landscaping & Masonry Beautiful Leveling & Sod with Sprinkler Installation in West Islip NY
Sod Installation

Want a new lawn but don't want to wait for seed to grow? Than sod installation is the way to go!


We know how to professionally lay sod here at Softwind and can ensure you will not be disappointed with the results. We have our team remove the existing lawn, bring in fresh high quality topsoil & compost. We then professionally grade & level the lawn. Finally, we bring in long island premium sod and install it using a staggered pattern according to industry standards. Sod & topsoil is how we built our name. Irrigation, is important when installing Sod. We have our good friends at R&F Irrigation come by and make sure your existing system is perfect before installing or if we need a new installation we handle that as well.


With proper watering, sod should be fully rooted within 4-6 weeks.

Sod Installation

Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a slurry mixture of mainly grass seed, mulch, water and fertilizer. It is very cost effective and has a higher germination rate than conventional seeding methods. 

You can have a fully grown useable new lawn in just 3-5 weeks!

Softwind Landscaping & Masonry beautiful garden bed mulch & trimming in Brightwaters NY
Rip Out's & Removal's
Softwind Landscaping & Masonry Level & Grading in Bay Shore NY
Lawn & Garden Bed Rip Out's & Removal's

You name it, we can do it! We can rip out and remove any trees, stumps, debris or fences you no longer want on your property.


As well as full lawn outs, which we than can apply seed and fertilizer, hydroseed or sod.


We also do full garden bed rip outs in order to prepare for landscape design.

Sprinkler Installations

Softwind Landscaping partnered with Cross Island Sprinklers, we have experts that specialize in full system sprinkler installations.

Having the proper irrigation is very important to maintaining a healthy lawn and garden beds.

We can install full zone sprinkler systems, drip line, wifi boxes and more.

Softwind Landscaping & Masonry Sprinkler Installation in West Islip NY
Sprinkler Installations
Tree Services
Softwind Landscaping & Masonry Tree Removal & Haul Away in West Islip NY
Tree Services

Softwind can take care of all tree removal needs. We have all the machines & and equipment plus climbers with years of experience. Call us today to get those unwanted trees cut down & removed. We also have a large commercial stump grinder for all stump grinding needs. After removing the trees our designers can go over a plan if your looking to add some new landscape or masonry to the backyard.

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