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Full Service Lawn & Property Maintenance

Softwind Landscaping's Full Service Landscape & Property Maintenance Plan

Residential & Commercial Landscaping

Softwind Landscaping has developed a lawn & property maintenance plan that simply works & keeps the property looking its best year after year. We offer full service maintenance so that when its time to enjoy your property, everything is already done. Each home has a dedicated account manager, each truck & trailer is professionally lettered & with professionals that have years of experience. Below is an outline of what our property maintenance plan entails. We offer convenient billing options such as 12 & 10 month contract agreements or simple pay as you go. Call today to find out why so many neighbors have chose Softwind Landscaping to maintain their property.

Fall Clean Up
Service Area

Spring Clean Up

Softwind Landscaping does spring clean up differently. Like we mentioned above, we do specialize in full service maintenance. Every lawn in spring time, needs to have a service called a de-thatching. De-thatching removes the layer of dead grass from the soil layer to allow for oxygen, seed , fertilizer & water to reach the surface. De-thatching is a crucial part of heaving a healthy lawn. Each spring clean up includes, De-thatching, lawn cut, weed whacking, commercial machine for lawn edging & garden bed edging, de-weeding garden beds, complete property blow out & clean, all curb lines & driveway weeds removed to give the property a 100% clean appearance.

Softwind Landscaping De-Thatching & Spring Clean Up
Spring Clean Up

Weekly Maintenance

At Softwind Landscaping, We understand that maintaining your outdoor spaces can be challenging, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive service designed to make your life easier. During our weekly site visit we will complete weekly lawn mowing, edging, and weed whacking services to create a uniform and neat appearance for your property. If selected, we will turn & de-weed the garden beds. We finish each site visit with a complete property blown down. Softwind Landscaping believes in full property maintenance, So those pesky driveway weeds are removed & curb lines are cleaned. Our team ensures that every inch of your outdoor space is cared for, so you can enjoy a beautiful and stress-free environment without lifting a finger.

Softwind Landscaping Weekly Maintenance
Weekly Mainenance

Yearly Garden Bed Maintenance (Basic & Premium)

Our garden bed maintenance plans have 2 options (basic & premium) This is for yearly contract accounts!. This service is designed to make sure that your garden beds are properly maintained from spring until fall (entire season). 


Basic Package: Turn over & De-weed Garden Bed's during each weekly maintenance visit. Includes (2) Treflan applications throughout the season & post emergent sprays as needed.


Premium Package: Includes basic package PLUS Spring Service: Perennial trimming of all plants/flowers with Fertilization & Feed &

Fall Service: Fall garden bed clean up, weeding, fertilization, feed & Perrenial trimming of all plants/flowers.

We also provide these services on an as needed basis or once monthly for one time accounts & pay as you go.

Softwind Landscaping Design & Plantings
Garden Bed

Trimming & Hedging

During the season, Our team typically does 2-3 property trimming's at your home. We would do a spring , summer & fall trimming. This would include all shrubs/hedges/ornamental tree's etc. We use nicely sharpened blades & clean up all debris upon completion. Our teams are also outfitted to be able to take on privacy tree trimming. We have the professional tripod ladders, with ropes & climbing gear to trim any hedge neccessary. Contact us today for all your trimming & hedging needs.

Softwind Landscaping Leyland Cypress Trimming and Hedging

7 Step Fertilizer Plan

Softwind Landscaping is a NYS Pesticide certified business. We cover a wide range of fertilization & spray applications to meet the needs of the ever changing environment. We have developed a 7 step fertilizer plan that works extremely well in the long island climate. We have a specific targeted approach for pre-emergent applications tied with post emergent applications to get a weed free lawn. We ensure that once on our plan, you are satisfied with our results. Our applicators are trained to know exactly what needs to be used and when to apply. Find out why our lawns look better than the rest. Green healthy lawns are our speciality.

Softwind Landscaping Fertilization Plan & Hydroseeding

Fall Clean Up

Softwind Landscaping comes ready for the fall clean up season. We send a full team of 6-8 employee's to your property with full equipment, leaf vaccumm truck & a can do attitude. We come and clean entire property, blow down the property, clean garden beds out, de-weed, take away all sticks & branches, finally we top it all off with a final lawn cut, edge & weed whack. We give that fresh clean feeling. We offer this service as either a one time or (2) visits. If 2 visits are selected, We come for one before thanksgiving & one final before christmas. 

Softwind Landscaping Fall Clean Up Before & After

Balanced Billing

Softwind Landscaping offer's a convenient billing option called balanced billing. For our full service accounts, We would add up all the services for your selected service plan and simply divide by the amount of months. We offer 12 month or 10 month options. These options are payable on the 1st of the month. We have a super easy to use online portal where you can see all upcoming jobs & events. You can also see your approved quotes & open invoices. Using this program, balanced billing can be paid via card on file or check. Card on file is automatic billing. For those who like to pay in full for the season, that option is also available.

Balanced Billing

Softwind Landscaping Full Service Area's

Softwind Landscaping offer's masonry, landscape design & installations all over long island. For full service landscape maintenance, we provide this service to the select area's mentioned.

1) West Islip , East Islip , Islip , Islip Terrace

2) Bay Shore, Brightwaters, Great River, Oakdale, Sayville, Bohemia

3) North Babylon, West Babylon, Babylon Village, Lindenhurst & Copaigue

*** Softwind Landscaping Offer's commercial landscaping island-wide. Please contact our commercial landscape division for specific needs & requests. Let us know how we can help***

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