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Lawn Renovation

Softwind Landscaping Hydroseeding & Fertilizer Lawn Renovation
Lawn Renovation

Does your lawn not look how you imagined? Softwind Landscaping can bring your idea's to life.


Softwind Landscaping's design division specializes in all phases of landscape renovations and design to bring your dream backyard to life. Lawn renovation's are done precisely and every home's situation can be different based on soil type's, irrigation type's and location.


Here at Softwind we are certified and proven to determine the best approach to give your home a beautiful look. We have taken home's tried by other companies and turned them into amazing yards. Give us a call today to find out why, Softwind is the best in lawn renovations.

Lawn Renovation With Exisiting Lawn

Core aeration and De-thatching are the first steps. Secondly, A specialized seed based on amount of sunlight in area.


Starter fertilizer based on soil test and lime to regrow and rejuvenate the lawn to how you want your lawn to look.


In extreme cases we can also do a 1/2 inch layer of compost and we can level out certain uneven spots with top soil!

Softwind Landscaping Spring Clean up & Hydroseed
Softwind Landscaping Grading & Leveling with Fresh beautiful topsoil to re-direct the water away from the foundation
Lawn Growth With No Existing Lawn

This is where Softwind Landscaping made its name in landscaping. We bring in fresh premium top soil to perfect the grade of the home.


Eliminate pooling of water near home or in lawn. We then over seed and fertilizer the entire area. Lastly, with a good watering schedule (preferably in ground sprinklers) you will have the best lawn on the block! We also have a maintenance plan for scheduled fertilizer and seed applications.

Sod Installation

Sod installation is pictured to the right. This job had a machine used for sod cutting to remove all the troubled weeds and grass. We then disposed offsite of the debris and brought in fresh premium organic topsoil.


We leveled and graded the property and then professionally installed the sod with tight seams and finished off with an irrigation system to ensure proper watering for years to come!

Softwind Landscaping Sprinkler & Sod Installation
Softwind Landscaping Lawn Renovation Hydroseed

Hydroseeding is more efficient than traditional seed and more affordable than laying sod. It is a technique that spreads a specialized grass "slurry" evenly over bare ground to grow grass and prevent soil erosion. It is made up of mainly grass seeds, mulch, water and fertilizer.

It is a clever mixture because the fertilizer boosts growth, the mulch bonds the seed to the soul, protects them from elements (like wind or too much sun light) and ultimately adds extra nutrients by decomposing on the growing grass.

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